Malaysia Foods - Introduction of Malaysia Famous Food

In the gourmet paradise of Malaysia, you can taste the various kinds of food, especially in Penang and Malacca. The population in Malaysia comprises the majority of Malay, Chinese, Indian and minority of others ethnic communities, where they are integrated together. Malaysia has many kinds of excellent and inexpensive food and restaurants almost everywhere in the towns and cities. There are many Malay, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korea, Japan restaurants and many more. The food available here ranges from Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food and Straits Chinese food.

Penang was once the world merchant gathering port. Therefore the ingredients can be easily obtained. Malaysian cooking from different parts of the country, have different style and taste. Take for example the Straits Chinese food; those in Malacca prefer a sweeter taste. While in the Northern region, such as Penang, they prefer sour and spicier taste, due to influences by the Thai cooking styles. The spices are used not only as food seasoning, but they also contain some health benefits as well.

\"Chinese Food\"

Popular Indian foods or dishes such as Flat Bread usually serve together with Pulling Tea. Most of the Indian food is usually hot and spicy. They are eaten with their hands and utensils are kept to a minimum.

Malaysia Foods - Introduction of Malaysia Famous Food

Malay famous food is Steamed rice. Steamed rice is where white rice is steamed with coconut milk and serves with curry fishes, chickens, prawns, eggs, onions, cucumbers and spicy chili paste.

Chinese food is not so spicy compare to Malay and Indian foods. But cooking incorporates with different ingredients, seasoning and flavors. Very popular foods is Penang Fried Flat rice noodles which is stir-fried in a wok together with black soy sauce, chili, prawns, eggs, cockles and bean sprouts.

Malaysia Foods - Introduction of Malaysia Famous Food
By: Lau Chen Hung