How To Use Chopsticks Step By Step

Despite the fact it may look complicated to eat using chopsticks, the basis of it is quite simple. It is just a matter of time and practice before you can easily pick up and eat food using a pair of chopsticks. After reading this article you will know how to use chopsticks step by step and be well on your way to improving the way you eat using chopsticks.

Although there are a few variants in chopstick styles and the material of which they are made from, they are all used practically in the same way. To begin with, here are a few basic facts that should be remembered when trying to eat with chopsticks.

\"Chinese Food\"

  • The lower (base) chopstick should always remain fixed.
  • To pick up food only move the upper chopstick; using the middle and index fingers.
  • Both chopsticks must be the same length at the eating end. (i.e. One should not protrude over the other).

How To Use Chopsticks Step By Step


The first (base) chopstick should be held stationary between your thumb and middle finger.

The second chopstick needs to be placed between the tip of your thumb and the under side of the index finger.

Now, moving only the index finger on the upper stick, bring the tip of the upper chopstick into contact with the lower chopstick. If you are struggling to do this properly with just the index finger you could use the middle finger for extra support.

Once you think you have mastered the movement just practice picking up small objects that would resemble the pieces of food. Remember, chopsticks are not designed for cutting, so when using chopsticks to eat food, make sure that it is already cut into bite-sized portions.

Tip: When using chopsticks to eat rice, bring the rice bowl closer to your mouth and use the chopsticks in more of a scooping action.

How To Use Chopsticks Step By Step

If you have difficulty learning how to eat with chopsticks there are various chopstick training sets and chopstick learning aids that can help you learn how to use them correctly. These are especially effective in making sure you adopt the correct hold and improve upon your technique.