Paraguayan Food - Learn the Basics

Paraguay, a country situated in the very heart of South America, has no coasts, and has a large native population, mostly Guaranies. For that reason, the Guarani language is spoken by a 95% of the population. Spanish is also spoken and both are the official languages of the country.

Paraguayan food is slightly similar to that of the River Plate countries (Argentina and Uruguay), mostly due to the influence from the early colonizers from Spain. But in the case of Paraguay, with its very populous native Guarani inhabitants, the food of this country has received their influence too.

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The Guarani influence can be noticed in all the tropical ingredients used in the Paraguayan dishes. Grains are used in the preparation of most recipes, mostly corn, with which they make many delicious dishes.

Paraguayan Food - Learn the Basics

Stews are also a very popular part of the Paraguayan food, usually with rice or mandioc, or both. They also love lots of peppers, be they green or red, and onions. So their stews are very tasty! They also use to add different meats, such as chicken, or pork both of which they grow in their farms.

Paraguayans also love beef meat cooked at the barbecue (parrilla) and this food is usually made on the weekends or special occasions. Pork is mostly done on birthdays or holidays. And they serve their meat dishes with the mandioc (cassava or yucca) which is a root and should be always eaten after being properly cooked. Cassava is a very popular root, used in the homes of most Paraguayans, at many meals.

Another very special plant they grow is the yerba mate, which once the leaves are dried out and grounded, is used to make a beverage called mate. Mate is sipped with a stick called "bombilla": it is hollow inside and lets the liquid come up when it is being sipped.

They also include peanuts, sweet potatoes and different beans like lima beans, green beans and peas in their meals. Rice is also an important part of their nourishment, but maize (corn) and cassava are the most important ingredients.

Paraguayan Food - Learn the Basics

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